You have a strong desire to write a book. Yet, you can’t seem to get started. Or maybe, nervous yet excited, you do begin. But then it happens—one day you wake up to an internal voice that asks, “Who do you think you are to write a book? And who would ever read what you’ve written?”

Does this sound familiar? So often, authors find it difficult to get started or they begin to write and then come to a screeching halt because of the voice of the inner critic. But this doesn’t have to be your story! It’s all about claiming your what and why and moving forward from there. It’s about creating a touchstone for the book you want to write.

What is a touchstone? It can be a personal symbol that represents your dream and helps you stay on track and true to your vision. And it’s what you will create in this two-part series! Whether a memoir or a self-help/personal growth story, or even your first fiction novel, award-winning editor and publisher Donna Mazzitelli will help you get clear about your reasons for writing and the journey you plan to take with your reader.

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