Each year, the coming of Winter Solstice invites me to consider its current meaning in my life. Oftentimes, a piece of writing flows out of me as I ask what message is here for me—and for me to share with others. Between 2020 and 2022, I was encouraged to return to pieces I’d previously written. I couldn’t connect with a “new message.”

This year, over a three-day stretch at the beginning of December, new words came to me. As in the past, they were first meant for me. Yet, they are also meant for others, including you.

Every religion and spiritual path references the light and the dark. At this time of year, no matter our spiritual path, we sit in the darkness, awaiting the growing days and the returning light. I offer these words to you with the intention that you will connect with your individual light and prepare to shine it into the world, remembering that light can and must prevail.

May this time of year bring you closer to yourself, your light, and your gifts and talents. Winter Solstice blessings to you and your loved ones!


Winter Solstice’s Invitation

For a brief moment in time
We are invited to sit with the darkness.
To enter into the cavernous space of the unknown.
To withdraw. To retreat.
To go within.
As the Earth pauses on her axis
to take a deep in-breath,
breathe in with her.
As she exhales, releasing what she must
before moving in a new direction,
Let your lungs release all that doesn’t serve you:
What lies have you taken in as if they were truth?
What false stories have you adopted from others or created within yourself?
What wounds have you worn like a coat of armor or a badge of honor?
What messages of unworthiness have you allowed to enter and take hold?
What fear has seeped into the deepest parts of you, trying to prevent you from moving?
Life is impermanent, ever changing, ever evolving, ever transforming.
And humans are part of that ever-moving transformation.
We are not meant to live stuck in the quicksand of falsehoods.
We are not here to amplify the myths that incite fear and anger and despair.
We are here to experience love: to be love, to show love, to give love, to receive love.
And we who seek to be wayshowers and lightworkers have committed to learn this lesson
and live from this knowing.
We are here to bring light.
To bear witness and to elevate.
To inspire, guide, share, model, and reflect.
To encourage, support, and honor each person’s path.
To discover and honor our own.
This is the time to sit in the space where TRUTH flows.
To absorb it in every cell of your body.
To enwrap yourself in a cloak of illumination.
To open yourself to the liquid warmth of knowingness.
To take time to savor your brilliant beingness.
To be a beacon in the darkness.
In Winter’s silence, allow your Essence
to speak to you, to become your Guide,
to point the way, so that
you can emerge ready to share your gifts
and your radiant light with the world.


December 2023 ©Donna Mazzitelli