At the time of the spring equinox in March, I happened upon a piece of writing by Anna Brones on Substack. She wrote about the significance of springtime as it relates to our creative process. Knowing how my own process of writing and working on my business are informed by the seasons, I was immediately drawn to her message.

In the piece, she talked about unfurling. The word itself grabbed me. I love how it sounds. I love saying it out loud. And I love its meaning. According to Oxford Languages, it is “to make or become spread out from a rolled or folded state, especially in order to be open to the wind.”

This singular word prompted me to write my own piece. And since we are still in early spring, with spring snow followed by warm sunshine-filled days here in Colorado, it feels right to share with you what I wrote:

I love the idea of unfurling in the early spring. Like the fronds, we are beginning to awaken and open ourselves to the growing light of the sun and the warming of our days.

This is not a time to dive into the deep end. Rather, this is the time to let our toes peak out of our woolen slippers and, with careful steps, approach the water’s edge, knowing that the water, although no longer covered in ice, will be frigid. It is a time to expose ourselves to the elements slowly and for short periods of time.

We still need our cozy comforters and maybe even a roaring fire at night. Even some of our days require that extra warmth. Yet, just as bears are beginning to stir, so is our inner yearning—for our creative juices to thaw and flow.

I find myself ready to move more, to write more, to create more. I find myself in that stretching time as I uncurl my body and extend my limbs. I feel ready to stand and flex, preparing for the seasons of growth and expansiveness ahead.

But, as my body reminds me, if I stretch too quickly or over-extend myself, I can experience a setback, unable to continue for a time. Rather than leap, it’s important to grace myself with ease—allowing my body and mind to slowly reengage—taking time to greet the early morning birds with wonder and awe, to smell the seasonal change, feel the crispness in the air, and take in the promise of new growth, new vitality, and new ideas that will undoubtedly come in the months ahead.

As the definition implies, to unfurl is to open myself to the support that surrounds me. Just as the sun, rain, and spring snow warm and loosen the soil so that new growth can emerge, I must allow myself to be nurtured and nourished. To be inspired. And, just as the wind provides energy for an unfurled sail to propel a boat, it’s essential that I open myself a little more each day to the vitality that will energize my creativity.

In the early spring days ahead, I will focus on unfurling to the impulses that are beginning to bubble up to the surface. Like the ferns, I will remember to be gentle with myself and all that is beginning to emerge, giving myself plenty of time to curl back up and rest in the quiet and stillness of early spring and the promise of new creative bursts.

Nature doesn’t hurry or believe it is behind schedule. Nature is as it is, no matter the season or conditions. May I be as I am, gracing myself with gentle waves of opening. And may that lead to an unfurling that energizes me in the future.

In the days ahead, what might you need to support your creative unfurling? And how might you allow the season of spring to be reflected in your day-to-day life?