What I Offer As a Writing Coach

As a writing coach, I act as your mentor, team strategist, accountability partner, confidante, cheerleader, midwife, and guide in your creative endeavor. I am here to help you hone your craft, strengthen your voice, gain confidence in your writing, and gain clarity about your message and where you want your story to go. Because I am also an editor, I will review your writing along the way to look at elements such as style, plot, story arc, flow, order, character and scene development, dialogue, and voice.

I will coach you to create a writing life in which you’ll thrive—assisting you with finding the time and motivation to write and helping you to overcome any obstacles that may appear along the way, including the voice of the inner critic. In the process, you get the best of all worlds, discovering that writing is not a chore to be checked off but a profoundly enriching experience to be enjoyed.

As a writing coach, I guide you through the writing process to help you unfold and connect with your story so that you can bring it forth and share it with others. I offer a safe and supportive working partnership that allows you to discover the story you need and want to tell.