The invitation to attend the Wisdom of Women Writing Retreat kept showing up in my emails and on social media. I hesitated. And yet something kept tickling my soul, and I knew it was time to listen.  The words inside were calling, and the retreat was what I needed to respond. In five short days, I started to find the story that wanted to be told, or rather the story I needed to tell.  The retreat was the catalyst I needed to jumpstart a journey of discovery. A surprising and unintended bonus was the circle of friends I found. Through words, ceremony, and conversations, our connections were sealed, and the common process of writing from soul has kept those relationships intact. Donna brings her heart to this work. She offers gentle support and encouragement, bringing out stories and words that are locked inside.  Words are sacred and the retreat allowed me to find the right ones to honor.

Dr. Lucinda L. Wayland Connelly