Writing Services

Writing is very personal. Working with a professional writer is a relationship that needs to fit and work well for both people. It’s important to find a writing coach, partner author, or ghost writer with whom you feel comfortable.

The goal of partnering with a professional writer is to allow your voice and message to come through in a heartfelt, authentic, and polished style. It’s important to work with someone who will turn that aim into a reality.

I offer a complimentary 30-minute telephone consultation so that we can get to know each other and you can learn more about me and the services I offer.

I provide three main types of writing services:


I guide you through the writing process to help you unfold and connect with your story so that you can bring it forth and share it with others. I offer a safe and supportive working partnership that allows you to discover the story you need to tell. Please visit my Coaching Services page to learn more about using a writing coach.

Partner Authoring

My partner authoring services include in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to take your drafts and ideas and work with you to make them ready for publication.

The key to a good partnering relationship is the assurance that your voice will come through. My goal is to help you create a finished work that you can feel proud of, whether it’s for school, business, or your personal memoir. It’s important for you to feel that the end result is truly yours and conveys the message you want to share.

Ghost Writing/Contract Writing

As with partner authoring, when using a ghost writer or contract writer (which includes research), it’s important that you feel confident about the person who will put your writing together on your behalf.

For chapters or books, I will write for you, being sure to convey your message and your unique story in the manner that most matches with your voice, style and personality.

Contact me. I provide a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation.